Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!

I'm not really banned from FA... I just was at a furry con recently and realized how many people rely so much on only FA for their furry fix. Come on guys, this is the INTERNET! There's countless possibilities!

I will be posting the latest updates and gossip about what's going on in the fandom :o


  1. There is a rumor going out that FA is going to be a paid site though.

    And as for furry cons...I dont like that most suits have the SAME disney looking mascot head. Bugs me.

  2. If FA turns into a paysite then they'll probably lose a HUGE chunk of their userbase...

    Most fursuit heads look so Disney because most furries try to commission the same like 2-3 artists when it comes to getting the work done and thats the kind of style the artists have, which is cool but... boring after the 3rd suit.

  3. I perfer mascot (from video games, shows etC) or realistic myself