Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Honestly, the fandom is just a hobby.  There is no need to "come out about it".  Would you "come out" as a stamp collector?  No!  Furry is no different.
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The fabric is so cheap you can see her clothes through it. I even told her this, but she seemed to love it.

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  1. "Honestly, the fandom is just a hobby. There is no need to "come out about it". Would you "come out" as a stamp collector? No! Furry is no different."

    K I need to disagree with this. There is a relatively global homogenized society. No matter what thing you like, there will be people who you know and respect that, upon learning about that interest will think less of you for it.

    I'm not even talking about fetishes or sex stuff. If one day my sister found out that I like to wear my floofy lolita stuff, she would probably respect me a little less (not that that's hard). It doesn't mean she wouldn't still talk to me or love me. I might even be able to regain that respect by demonstrating the value of my hobby.

    If someone found out that my boyfriend collects and breeds fish, they might think he's got a weird hobby and judge him. But if they saw his fish and his handmade filters and aquariums, he might earn respect for his dedication and creativity.

    If I find out someone is a Fundamentalist Christian, I might respect them a little less because of my personal views - but they would regain my respect by demonstrating that they are a decent person and respect others (as unlikely as that may be with fundamentalists.)

    I'm not saying that people should have to hide their passions, but to believe that people won't judge them for what they spend their time on is naieve. And it's completely 2-sided. If you find someone likes you less because of an aspect of yourself you're proud of, you are entitled to like them less as well.

    troof yo.

  2. @Yllsa

    I agree with your points wholeheartedly.

    The discussion is more about those people that feel that it's a big issue. Would you ever go to your sister, written speech in hand and say to her "Sister... I need to tell you something important. I... *sigh* I'm... into lolita. I wear dresses and shoes and make my hair poofy! But, it's not a fetish!" and proceed to give a speech about the craft and specifically address that it isn't a fetish and why she shouldn't judge you? Nahhh. That's what those furries do XD

    People will always judge and for stupid reasons, that's a fact for sure. But it's how you react to such things that's important.

  3. I view furry art as a fetish but the costuming more cosplay related. I dont think fetishes are any of my families business. And cosplay...well Im trying to keep that part of my life secret. If anything I figure as long as the outfits are modest and well crafted I could always just tell them that I like designing and drafting costumes. Simple as is.

  4. Good point @Phantasm that makes a lot more sense. I probably took the quote out of context ^_^